Janette's TV Podcast

More Tech Talk with Tech Expert Marc Saltzman

November 17, 2020 Janette Burke
Janette's TV Podcast
More Tech Talk with Tech Expert Marc Saltzman
Show Notes


In this episode, Janette continues talking with Tech Expert & Commentator, Marc Saltzman, host of Tech Impact on CNBC and the nationally syndicated Tech It Out about two more terrific products that would make for ideal holiday gifts for health & sports enthusiasts – The Apple Watch Series 6, which puts the future of health at your wrist, and Peloton Bike+.  Perfect for those who prefer not to head back to the gym during COVID-19 and are tired of virtual exercise classes. Find out more about these products, how you can create the watch you want with any case, band, or style. And how you can unlock more from your workout on and off the Bike+ with the package that is right for you and your household.   


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