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Actor Lance Henriksen – Still Going Strong

April 08, 2022 Janette Burke
Janette's TV Podcast
Actor Lance Henriksen – Still Going Strong
Show Notes

Since 1960, actor Lance Henriksen has starred in over 300 works, including film, television, and video games. He is best known for his portrayals in the horror and sci fi genres. His iconic roles include Bishop in the Alien franchise, Ed Harley in Pumpkinhead (cult film), and Frank Black in Millennium (horror & crime TV show). Now in his 80s, with well over a dozen roles across live action and animation in the last two years alone, and with more upcoming parts, in thrillers Awaken and Bring on the Dancing Horses, Artifest Girl, and the drama Falling which he received critical acclaim for, Lance shows no sign of slowing down. He even makes clay pottery in his home studio and recently sold-out his first batch. On this Janette’s TV & Podcast episode, Lance joins Janette for a raw and real conversation about his illustrious acting career that began on the streets of New York when he was shining shoes, the joys of working as a senior & selecting specific projects that he adores, his views on when fear crosses the entertainment line, his love of pottery, and more!

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