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In Conversation with Kristen Stewart on Playing “Princess Diana” in the movie Spencer

November 12, 2021 Janette Burke
Janette's TV Podcast
In Conversation with Kristen Stewart on Playing “Princess Diana” in the movie Spencer
Show Notes

It’s the sort of thing fairy tales are made of, so we all thought. But it played out more like a nightmare. I’m referring to “Princess Diana’s” life and tragic death as depicted by actress, Kristen Stewart, in the movie Spencer. This Janette’s TV and Janette’s TV Podcast episode is a commentary of Tiff’s Bell Digital Talks In Conversation with Kristen Stewart which we were invited to participate in and even submitted interview questions in advance for. Kristen’s interview was conducted via ZOOM as she didn’t attend Spencer’s red-carpet premier. Rather, s he remained in the US. My commentary showcases Kristen’s talk and clips from the movie. She talked at length about how extraordinary this situation was since the movie was in production a year ago and has just now started to hit audiences across North America. She wanted to do Diana proud and was excited for people to finally watch a story never before told in the box office - a story filled with wealth, power, deceit, and controversy. Venice and Telluride film festivals have already credited Kristen with an amazing performance. Many critics think Kirsten was the perfect choice for the role. Yet others were skeptical of this casting choice. But Kristen has grown from her days of Twilight and really pulled it off. She’s already receiving Oscar Buzz.


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